Directional Standard Control (Proportional Valves)

Standard Performance Proportional Valves

KBD direct-acting and pilot-operated non-feedback valves

Eaton Vickers KBD standard performance valves are solenoid operated directional control non-feedback type proportional valves. These proportional directional valves with onboard electronics (OBE) features superior reliability and durability, IP67 environmental protection and reduced power consumption.

With a controller built in, valves with onboard electronics (OBE) do not require an external controller. Valves with OBE offer a number of advantages. Among them:

  • Simpler, faster and lower cost valve package installation
  • Reduced possibility of selection and installation errors
  • Optimized valve and electronics
  • Simpler setup with limited user adjustments
  • Easier maintenance replacements
  • Reduced electrical cabinet space


  • Dual solenoid digital valve
  • Spool stays in center position when power is removed (pilot spool stays in center position when power is removed)
  • Amplifier does not have spool position feedback
  • Robust amplifier design
  • Vibration and shock resistant
  • High levels of EMC immunity
  • IP67 qualified
  • Plug-and-play digital electronics with no amplifier-to-valve setup requirements, plus command options, enable function and programmable ramps