Eaton Connectors

Eaton delivers an incredible range of connectors to fit almost any industrial application.  Our Eaton connector catalog includes metric tube fittings, quick disconnect couplings, brass and steel adapters, and swivel and Flexmaster joints.

Steel Adapters

Precision-machined carbon steel adapters from Eaton are engineered to meet SAE and other industry standards, and are available in both SAE and metric sizes and configurations.

Brass Adapters

Precision-machined, SAE-approved Eaton brass adapters are manufactured out of durable CA-360 brass, providing outstanding corrosion resistance for a variety of applications.

Quick Disconnect Couplings

Featuring the latest design innovations, Eaton quick-disconnect couplings maximize ease of use and system uptime in key hydraulic and pneumatic applications and markets.

Metric Tube Fittings

Available globally in a variety of sizes and configurations, Eaton metric tube fittings deliver superior performance as well as lower assembly and operating costs.

Swivel Joints

Eaton swivel joints eliminate the need for adapters and tubing in tight spaces and excel where rotation and hose twisting present a problem.

Flexmaster Joints

Featuring both standard and self-restrained gaskets, Flexmaster® components simplify system maintenance and repairs with easy connection and disassembly.