Industrial hose

general purpose hose

Air and multipurpose hose

High pressure - BULLDOG GOLD, High pressure air

Low pressure - Shock-Safe, Perfection 300, Easy Couple, Polyforce II, Industrial Air / Water 

General air and water - Marathoner – Non-conductive, Bosflex A/W, Bosflex A/W

Specialty - Heavy duty MSHA mine spray

Chemical hose

Suction and discharge - CHEMCAT petrochemical, CHEMCAT corrugated petrochemical, ARMORCAT corrugated petrochemical, Green cross-linked, TIGER chemical suction and discharge

Discharge - LEOPARD chemical discharge

Specialty - NYALL

Food and beverage

Food suction and discharge - LION Food transfer

Beverage suction and discharge - CLEARFORCE–R, CLEARFORCE–NR

Cleaning service - Creamery/Packing washdown, Washdown 1250, Washdown 1000

Liquefied petroleum gas


Material handling

Dry material - WILDCAT dry material, WILDCAT soft wall dry material, WILDCAT heavy duty dry material, WILDCAT hot air transfer

Sandblast - WILDCAT Sandblast

Concrete Pumping - MARAUDER Concrete pumping, MARAUDER HD Concrete pumping

Oil and gas exploration

Frac and well service - Kelly power drilling

Suction and discharge - Oilfield vacuum


Oil suction and discharge - BULLDOG GOLD, ROYALFLEX petroleum, PUMA suction and discharge, Petroleum/Oil suction and discharge

Discharge - Boston Bulldog fuel oil delivery


Steel mill - Steel mill heavy duty white cooling water transfer

Road construction - BLACKCAT hot tar and asphalt, BLACKCAT corrugated hot tar and asphalt, Hot tar pumping

Specialized - Hydrocarbon drain, Nitrogen


Steam hose - Steam Slayer, Concord 250 steam, Concord standard, Hydrocarbon drain


Suction and discharge - Royalflex water, OTTER water suction and discharge, Water suction and discharge

Discharge - OTTER layflat water discharge

Specialty - Heavy duty MSHA mine spray, Pressure washer, 

Sewer cleaning - Eaton GATOR hose