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Whether you’re looking for air cooled or water cooled heat exchangers, our extensive offering of cooling solutions will get the job done.


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Modulating Water Valves and Bulb Wells
  • These modulating valves regulate the flow of water to the heat exchanger to maintain a desired exiting oil temperature. They open automatically when temperature increases at the sensing bulb. No external power source is required to actuate the valve. Not to be used for salt water service. All stock valves are supplied with a drilled and tapped internal by-pass in the regulator body. A solid plug is installed in this hole for 100% shut-off. A drilled orifice plug is packed in an envelope with each valve for field installation, if continuous minimum flow is required.
Forged Brass Y-Strainer
  • Constructed of heavy duty forged brass, TTP Y-Strainers have a temperature range of -10°F to 250°F and are suitable for 600 WPG service, 150 PSI WSP, with female X female connection. Screwed caps are straight threaded with PTFE gaskets. 304 Stainless steel 50 mesh screen ¼"" - 1"" or 304 Stainless steel 20 mesh screen 1¼"" - 2"".
Three-Way Thermostatic Valves
  • TTP heavy duty thermostatic valves operate in a wide range of temperatures and in any position. Valves are compact, self-contained and tamper-proof. Acceptable for oil or water service and available with ½"", ¾"", 1"", 1½"" & 2"" NPT Ports*
Thermal Bypass Assembly
  • This thermal bypass valve is ideally suited for hydrostatic drive circuits which require fast warm-up, controlled fluid temperature, and low return line back pressure. When installed in the return line of a hydraulic circuit that employs an oil cooler, this device will modulate fluid temperature by either shifting return line flow through the cooler, or bypassing directly to the reservoir. A built-in pressure relief function automatically relieves excess pressure to the reservoir should the cooler become restricted and resultant pressure drop become too high for the cooler circuit.
Electronic Temperature Control & Bulb Well Assembly (AC)
  • This is a line voltage single-stage electronic temperature control with single-pole, double-throw relay output and LED indication. It is designed with heating or cooling modes of operation, adjustable differential, and an interchangeable temperature sensor. The control couples electronic accuracy with remote sensing capability in a NEMA 1 high-impact plastic enclosure suitable for surface or DIN-rail mounting.
Thermostatic Temperature Controller (DC)
  • This controller was designed to mount on the cooler without requiring extensive wiring or plumbing. It provides accurate temperature control by cycling the cooling fan(s) to maintain desired oil temperature. Operates at 12 or 24 volts with adjustable temperature settings range from 100°F through 210°F. Temperature sensor, wiring for remote manual override and mounting hardware included.
Temperature Sensors
  • Sensors have a 303 stainless steel housing with a 1,000 PSI operating pressure. Normally open, sensor is closed on temperature rise. Contact rating of 6 AMPS at 120 VAC and 4 AMPS at 240 VAC.
Electronic Temperature Sensor
  • Sensors have a measuring range of -13 - 284 °F (-25 - 140 °C). The unit generates 2 output signals: 1 x NO + 1 x NC with separately adjustable switch points. Process connection is 1/4"" NPT. Sensor Port Adapters and optional Bulb Wells are available.
Electronic Temperature Sensors
  • Used to measure temperature on the primary heating pipe circuit, these low cost, simple set-up sensors are particularly suitable for automatic adjustment pumps. Operates with an immersion thermostat, measuring temperature with a liquid filled sensing element. Comes complete with waterproof protection pocket.
MAGHEX Fan Controller
  • This compact, programmable combined sensor and controller is designed to mount directly to MA Series heat exchangers and is a low-cost alternative to complex control systems. It provides accurate temperature control by cycling the electric cooling fan to maintain desired oil temperature. A single housing reduces wiring and mechanical installation. The MAGHEX magnetic wand is used to set up and program the sensor. LEDs indicate the oil temperature setting. The MAGHEX operates as either a single or dual fan controller or a PWM variable fan controller. Includes pre-wired connector to fan.
Compressed Air Separators: S-50 and S-100 Models
  • Two Models: One has a built-in automatic float style drain, the other has a 1/8"" NPT connection with manual shut off valve. Both have a rugged cast zinc housing and are equipped with quick disconnect bowls for easy service.
Compressed Air Separators: S-200 through S-1700 Models
  • Four models are available to fit most applications. Unique high efficiency design provides wide SCFM capacity range without loss in performance. Sturdy, lightweight aluminum construction for long dependable service. NPT threaded drain connection for installation of an electronic, manual or automatic float style drain. Low differential pressure at maximum flow ratings. Externally and internally epoxy painted for maximum corrosion protection.
Compressed Air Separators: Model S-2600-M/S-2600-4F
  • These separators have 1500 through 3500 SCFM capacity. Consult factory for details on larger models through 16,000 SCFM.
Automatic Float Drain
  • FD-25 and FD-50 Models
  • With two economical models to fit most applications, this float drain has a rugged zinc cast housing and is equipped with quick disconnect bowls for easy servicing.
Flexible Metal Hose
  • Designed to isolate damaging vibration, dampen noise and absorb thermal expansion from pumps and compressors to other related equipment. Hose is of corrosion resistant type 304 stainless steel. Connectors are carbon steel schedule 40 external NPT with hex nut attachments on both ends for easy installation. Couplings are welded to assure dependable leak free operation.
Foot Mounting Bracket
  • This Foot Mounting Bracket is optional for BPSW and BPW Series (except 8x3 plates) and is constructed of Carbon Steel.

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