Pressure Control (Proportional Valves)

Proportional Pressure Control Valves

Eaton’s Proportional pressure control valves offer superior hydraulic system solutions for a variety of applications. Complete with onboard ramp adjustment, superior moisture resistance and valve enable for easier interlock control, these valves feature a host of advanced features housed in a durable metal enclosure to take systems to the next level of performance.

These electro-hydraulic proportional relief valve are designed to regulate pressure in a hydraulic system in proportion to an applied electrical input. KB pressure relief valves can be used for direct control of pressure in low flow systems, or for pilot control of larger pressure controls, and for such applications as pressure controlled pumps.

KB Proportional pressure relief valves offer extensive application possibilities through their ability to control the pressure setting in proportion to an applied electrical input. The integral amplifier allows the pressure to be controlled from a low power command signal: either a voltage or current command.


  • Valve design ensures low hysteresis and good repeatability.
  • Self-bleeding design simplifies installation and ensures consistent performance.
  • When used for piloting a large pressure relief or reducing valve, a low minimum pressure is obtainable combined with fast and stable response to step input signals