Thermal Transfer Cooling Products

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Thermal Transfer - We COOL what you POWER

Thermal Transfer Products offers a complete portfolio of cooling products available from API Heat Transfer. This includes a broad range of fluid power related heat exchangers (oil-water, oil-air, air-air) utilized in mobile and industrial applications, along with custom engine cooling models.

Mobile Cooling

Our Mobile solutions offer oil coolers, radiators, and charge air coolers with or without electric DC fans and Hydraulic fan motor drives. Built from brazed aluminum or copper round tube and fin, and are available in standard catalog product and custom designed OE modules.

Industrial Cooling

Our Industrial solutions offer air cooled oil coolers built with our without electric AC motors and water cooled shell & tube coolers designed for multiple fluid types and built from aluminum, copper and steel for fluid power related applications.

Compressor Application Cooling

TTP manufactures air to air aftercoolers, water to air aftercoolers, and air to oil lube oil coolers for air compressor applications in both catalog and custom OE models. Our high quality products provide outstanding cooling performance in rotary screw, piston and centrifugal air compressors, as well as vacuum systems and blower lube oil coolers.

Process Cooling

TTP process coolers cover a wide variety of industrial process applications, across many industries. These coolers are used in the daily plant operations to provide a means of highly reliable, compact and efficient cooling. Our process coolers cover a variety of industrial applications beyond Hydraulics Oil Cooling—chillers, fuel heaters, biogas, natural gas, de-ionized water, refrigerant air cooling, condenser and more.