Eaton Hydro-line Cylinders

Hydraulic cylinders convert fluid power energy into linear mechanical energy. As pressurized fluid enters the cap end of a cylinder, the fluid force pushes on the piston extending the piston rod creating a linear force. As pressurized fluid enters the rod end of the cylinder, the fluid force pushes on the piston retracting the piston rod. Eaton industrial cylinders are manufactured to order and offer a wide range of bore, rod and mounting combinations. The size and style of a hydraulic cylinder will vary depending on the application and load requirements.

Available in standard or custom-engineered models, Eaton industrial cylinders offer reliable quality, variety and features to meet the needs of the most demanding applications around the world. Eaton’s cylinders are reliable in the harshest environments including offshore drilling rigs, steel mills to the technologically advanced applications including bridges and hydropower gates.

Tie rod

Industrial Tie Rod cylinders are held together by the use of tie rods and nuts. Considered one of the most common types of constructions meeting the (NFPA and ISO) industry standards.

Mill Duty

Engineered to survive in the extremely demanding environments of primary metals and other heavy duty applications.

Light duty pneumatic

Broad range of repairable, light weight, low-cost, air cylinders.


Eliminate system leaks in high side load applications with the innovative sealing design. Built with high-yield strength steel to keep systems operating smoother.


Head and cap thread onto the body tube, providing a clean, compact profile ideal for wash-down environments or applications with space limitations.

Extra large custom

Custom engineered to order cylinder solutions for some of the world’s toughest applications.

Eaton express ready cylinders

  • N5 NFPA High Pressure, Hydraulic Tie Rod
  • R5, LR5, HR5 NFPA Low Pressure Hydraulic/Pneumatic Tie Rod
  • Q6 Single Rod Aluminum, Pneumatic Tie Rod
  • TS Threaded Series 1.50 – 6.00” Bore, Stroke to 60”, Many Mounts, Cushions, and more.

Cylinder CAD configurator

Configure a cylinder and request a quote from anywhere in the world. Eaton’s cylinder configurator allows users to design a cylinder, create model codes, download CAD drawings and request pricing for Hydro-Line and Vickers industrial cylinder products, including tie rod, mill duty, threaded and electrohydraulic cylinders. Product models are available in more than 150 CAD and graphic formats.

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