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Bijur Delimon Farval lubrication components includes lubricators, resistance fittings, injectors, manifolds, and accessories for use in a variety of systems.


single Line Systems

Bijur Delimon’s low pressure oil lubrication systems are designed for light, medium and heavy machinery requiring up to 100 points of lubrication. Two types of systems (manual and automatic) are available to meet virtually any industrial application:

  • Manual systems are ideally suited for machinery which can be lubricated by a hand actuated, intermittently fed oil discharge system on an occasional basis.
  • Automatic systems are ideally suited for machinery requiring an uninterrupted discharge of oil either regularly timed or continuous. Automatic systems are actuated by a self-contained timing mechanism or by a mechanical drive mechanism connected to the equipment being lubricated.


Bijur Delimon SLR systems are compact, economical and relatively simple to operate and maintain. The system is ideally suited for machinery or equipment which displays closely configured bearing clusters or groups.

A precisely controlled discharge of oil is delivered to each point while the machine is in operation. The system provides a clean film of oil between critical bearing surfaces to keep friction and wear to a minimum. Machinery life is extended and production efficiency is maintained.



Dualine Systems

Dualine lubricating systems are found in virtually every industry in which continuous duty operation is required. From steel production to pulp and paper, from mining equipment to machine tools, automatic application of the lubricant provides significant benefits to the equipment user.  There are several components that are used in designing a Dualine system:

  • Valves
  • Lubricators
  • Reversing Valves
  • Central Stations
  • Controllers
  • Spray Systems


  • Measuring valves are the heart of Dualine lubrication systems. They are mounted close to the lubrication points and are hydraulically operated by pressure from the first and then the second of the two supply lines. On each pressurization cycle, they indirectly discharge fixed volumes of lubricant to the bearing or lubrication point.


  • Manual, electric and pneumatic lubricators store and pump lubricant to Dualine valves throughout the system.

Reversing Valves

  • These valves change the flow and direction of pressure, which causes divider valves in the system to cycle.

Central Stations

  • Central stations include lubricator, cycle switch and reversing valve. Some versions are mounted on a plate for easier installation.


  • Programmable controllers give you access to key system functions, such as system on and off, and can control what happens when there is a problem in the system.

Spray Systems

  • Used to lubricate large gears and pinion sets.



Progressive Series Systems

The series M2500G, 3000 and PVBM Progressive Divider Valve Manifolds distribute and proportion incoming oil or grease to bearing points. A typical divider valve manifold consists of an inlet section, three to ten valves and an end section. One assembly can serve up to a maximum of 20 lubrication points. Individual divider valve blocks have a discharge piston and built-in outlet check valves. Blocks are offered in various output sizes. The discharge capacity of a block is determined by varying the piston diameter in the valve block. Twin valve blocks have two outlets located at each end of the assembly and supply rated discharge from each of the two outlets during one complete valve cycle. Single outlet blocks have one end outlet plugged and supply twice the rated output to the open outlet. External cross porting of adjacent valves can be achieved with a cross port kit to combine outputs.

Progressive Divider Valve Operating Sequence

Individual valve blocks operate in a “Progressive” sequence. During operation, the piston within the block must complete a full discharge cycle before another piston begins operation. As long as lubricant is supplied under pressure to the inlet section of the divider, manifold valve blocks will continue to operate in a progressive manner.

When lubricant flow is interrupted to the inlet block, piston movement stops. When flow resumes, piston movement commences at the same point in the discharge cycle. Feed lines deliver lubricant from the valve block to individual lube points. Should a discharge line become blocked, it will stop all the valves operating. Indicators are available to alert a blockage.



Railway Systems

Bijur Delimon has provided railway lubrication systems for on-board application of specialty lubricants on passenger trains and trams. The wheel flanges are sprayed with a precise amount of lubricant that extends wheel re grinding intervals. Smaller trams include a compact unit including air compressor.



Air Oil Systems

Air-oil Generating Unit

For applications where there’s room to breathe, bijur delimon provides the oil streak generating
unit. Everything required for installation of all major components is conveniently provided

Preassembled and under the hood. Lubricator, controls, injectors, air-oil mixing valves,
regulators and filters are pre-plumbed and wired to facilitate ease of installation and
convenience to your staff. Topped off with a stylish resin molded cover, the unit provides years of service while being protected from dust, dirt and stray liquids that often cause premature system and bearing failure.

Air-oil Mixing Units

For applications on smaller equipment, the oil streak mixing unit is the way to go. Everything required to properly provide for precision metering, mixing and displacement of spindle oil is conveniently provided preassembled and under the hood. The system allows the lubricator to be remotely positioned on your equipment, making it possible to custom fit the oil streak system into a smaller envelope. As with the larger oil streak generating unit, everything needed to ensure spindle protected is provided.

Streak Sensing Unit

For those so inclined to go for all of the “lights, bells and whistles”… this option will bring out the geek in anyone. The oil streak sensing unit is designed to detect minute traces of oil traveling through the air tubes. Utilizing dominant and subjective theory, master sensors contain 4-segment led display, 3 soft keys for programming and an m12 electrical connector for power and fault signal transmission. The units monitor a single lubrication line and may be configured with up to 3 additional secondary sensors to provide for up to 4 line monitoring. sensing units are designed to accommodate either 4mm or 6mm tubing and are provided in a stylish, sealed, ip66 rated enclosure to protect your investment.



Gear Spray Systems

Gear spray is popular in cement plants, mining, Iron Ore crushers, kilns, and any external gear drive usually with a dry sump. The gear spray lubricant is periodically sprayed onto the pinion drive gear, large ring or slew gear. The lubricants on older installations use asphalt-based lubricants with a thinner. Newer installations use synthetic gear lubricants. Gear replacement is a major cost, most cases it forces the plant to be down for days. Bijur Delimon's Gear Spray lubrication system and products can reduce friction improving uptime and prevent costly repairs.


Oil Recirculation Systems

Bijur Delimon International is a global supplier of Oil Recirculation Systems and Equipment, designed for the optimum lubrication of bearings, gear trains and other processes requiring oil for lubrication and cooling.

A range of standard Multi-Purpose Oil Circulating units is manufactured to fill the need for a relatively simple, inexpensive, yet reliable system where a custom design is not required.

In providing the key functions of an Oil Recirculation System, the system is built from the following primary equipment:

  • Tanks − to allow settlement, de-aeration, and heating with the ability to condition and change the lubricant as appropriate.
  • Pumps − typically motor driven gear pumps to provide the correct flow and pressure to the application.
  • Heaters & Coolers − to ensure the lubricant reaches the points of application at the required viscosity.
  • Filtration − to maintain the system cleanliness at the required level.
  • Instrumentation − monitoring for pressure, flow, filtration, temperature, and level.
  • Accessories − controls and wiring, pressure relief.


System Design

Standard Units Comprised of:

  • Reservoir − Fabricated from mild steel plate, sandblasted, and painted one coat primer with one coat of Light Grey (RAL7035).
  • Reservoir Components − Return and drain connections; level gauge; thermometer; air breather filler and filter.
  • Pump & Motor − Positive displacement integral gear type aluminum pump; 1500 rpm motor suitable for 380/440 VAC, 3phase, 50/60Hz supply.
  • Oil Filter − 25µ (nominal) stainless steel mesh element; high dirt load capacity; visual/electrical clogging indication; bypass valves.
  • Pressure Relief valve − Self-operating relief; easily adjustable relief spring pressure.
  • Pressure Indication − 63mm gauge; 0-16 bar pressure.
  • Check Valve, Pipe & Fittings − Screwed, mild steel.
  • Level Switch − 2 position digital level switch.



Positive Displacement Systems

Bijur Delimon positive displacement injector systems are for low or medium pressure oil or grease lubrication systems. These systems are precise in their lubrication delivery, and some models are adjustable, so a single injector manifold can be used to deliver different amounts of oil or grease to different friction points.

Injectors are alternately activated and deactivated at regular intervals. Oil and fluid grease discharges from the injectors when the system reaches operative pressure.



Single Point Systems

LubeSite Grease Feeders


LubeSite automatic lubricators can be used on any equipment that has:

  • Anti-friction oscillating, ball or roller bearings
  • Shielded bearings with seals
  • Bronze, oilite or open bearings
  • Requires bearing flushing action
  • Uses NLGI grade 0 to grade 4 non-separating grease
  • Operates in an ambient temperature from -10°F to 450°F (-23°C to 232°C)

LubeSite 404: 0°F to 200°F (-17°C to 93°C)

LubeSite Series 200, 300, 500: -10°F to 250°F (-23°C to 121°C)

LubeSite 704: 0°F to 450°F (-17°C to 232°C)


  • Refillable/reusable
  • On-demand operating principle
  • Activation is immediate
  • No cumbersome dip switch/activator plug settings
  • No battery or gas
  • No hazardous battery/gas units to dispose of
  • Low pressure operation
  • See thru reservoir
  • Can use with any NLGI grade 0 to grade 4 non-separating grease
  • Models available to operate in harsh conditions
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Can be used in any hazardous area
  • Reservoirs available in 1, 2 and 6 oz capacity



Specialty Systems

Bijur Delimon has the widest range of products in the industry today! From our air/oil systems to high-speed spindle lubricators, Bijur Delimon has a product that can help you get more efficiency out of your machinery and equipment.