T-slots Aluminum Structural Framing


Our extrusion line of TSLOTS suits small and large applications. There are three main extrusion series we offer: Fractional extrusions consist of 10 Series and 15 Series. Metric extrusions consist of 20 Series and 40 Series. And our B-Series consists of 20, 30 & 45 Series that are compatible with Bosch Extrusions.


Compatibility is a big deal, we know that! That’s why we’ve made it a point to ensure all of our extrusions and hardware are compatible with all other major suppliers. With compatibility across multiple suppliers, you’ll be able to use our profiles and not have to worry about fit or function!


An aluminum extrusion alloy is a predetermined mixture of one or more elements together with aluminum to be heated and hydraulically pressed through an extrusion die. Some common elements alloyed with aluminum include copper, magnesium, manganese, chromium, silicon, iron, nickel and zinc.


Anodizing is an electrochemical process that thickens and toughens the naturally occurring protective oxide. The resulting finish makes a corrosion resistant extrusion. TSLOTS extrusions have an acid etch anodize finish that is .4-.6 mil. thick. And the anodize is a Type 2 Sulfuric.

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