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A Complete Line of Industrial and Sanitary Conveyors

1X Series

The 1X Series Line is designed for small part handling and transfers where space is a premium.

2X Series

The 2X Series Line is engineered for small to medium sized parts, precision applications and flexible layouts.

3X Series

The 3X Series Line is designed for medium to heavy sized parts, precision applications, bulk handling and flexible layouts.

7X Series

The 7X Series Stainless Steel Line is engineered for small to heavy product requiring various levels of sanitary design and flexible layouts.

FlexMove Conveyors

High-performance, flexible chain conveyors that are capable of multiple curves as well as inclines and declines on a single conveyor, providing complete flexibility in design and layout.

Modified Standard Conveyors

Vacuum Conveyors, Magnetic Conveyors, Backlit Conveyors, Metal Detection, Common Drives, Retracting Tails, Lift Gates, Pivot Conveyors, and More!

Complete Sanitary Designs

The AquaPruf® family of stainless steel, wash-down conveyors offers maximum flexibility for a wide variety of products and sanitary applications with fast and easy sanitation.


Ideal for applications where space is tight, iDrive merges advanced drive and control technologies with a compact conveyor design by integrating the entire drive package into a single, space saving footprint.

Precision Move Conveyors

For applications that require precise product movement, our Precision Move conveyors utilize a timing belt and an integrated servo motor and drive and control for complete reliability.

LPZ Conveyors

For added flexibility, our sleek, low profile Z-Frame Conveyors are ideal for product elevation changes and can accommodate various incline and decline angles depending on the application..

Product Transfers

From powered transfers to nose bar transfers, we provide the smoothest and broadest range of transfer options in the industry!

Full Line of Motors & Controls

We support a wide a range of motor and control technologies including DC, AC, Brushless DC, and Servo packages that can be controlled right at a conveyors side or remotely though a simple PLC or Dorner controls accessories.