Eaton AxisPro™ Proportional Valves

Built on the proven KB Servo Proportional Valve technology, Eaton’s next generation AxisPro™ proportional valve provides multiple levels of performance to meet the demands of a wide range of applications. These four-way solenoid operated proportional valves offer high dynamic performance which enables them to be used in closed-loop applications previously only possible using conventional servo valves.

Features and benefits

  • Unique 3-level modular design is flexible and supports multiple architectures
  • Reliable solution that is designed to eliminate air bleeding; features a best in class ambient temperature rating of 85°C.
  • Includes embedded pressure and temperature sensors making it easy to diagnose problems
  • Available with field bus communication Independent, on-board axis controller for improved flow ratings over the KB Series gives you the highest performance for proportional valves
  • Reliable, on-time delivery with shorter lead times

Technical information

  • Size 3 40 lpm @ 1000 psi (70 bar) 60 lpm max
  • Size 5 100 lpm @ 1000 psi (70 bar) 135 lpm max
  • Size 8 375 lpm @ 145 psi (10 bar) 950 lpm max
  • Max pressure 5000 psi (350 bar)
  • Ambient temperature range -25C to 85C (single stage, sizes 3 and 5)
  • Ambient temperature range -25C to 70C (two stage, size 8)
  • IP 65 & 67 ingress protection rating