Directional Servo Performance Control (Proportional Valves)

Servo Performance Proportional Valves

KBS direct-acting and KBH pilot-operated servo performance valves

Vickers Servo performance proportional valves K(B)S/ HDG valves with tailored spool design, are the answers for meeting the extremely demanding injection and clamping control requirements, with the excellent dynamic capability of closed loop control on pressure, position, and velocity.

KBS/HDG valves with fully encapsulated OBE (EN90 version) provide extremely reliable protection in condition of vibrations and shock.

Valves with zero lap spool and grounded spool/sleeve pilot stage are characterized by their high dynamic performance, with low hysteresis and high response sensitivity, to achieve accurate positioning control and speed control.


  • Single solenoid analog valve
  • Spool goes to 4th position when power is removed (pilot spool goes to 4th position when power is removed)
  • Amplifier has spool position feedback (amplifier has pilot- and main-stage spool position feedback)
  • Zero lap spool options
  • Suitable for closed-loop pressure and position control
  • Requires dedicated control amplifier