Accessories - Hose and Fittings

Danfoss Hose Accessories

Available in a variety of configurations and sizes, world-class Eaton hose accessory products cover a range of clamps, protective sleeves, hose cleaning services and metal products.

Hose Sleeve Spring Guards

Spring guards should be considered for applications that call for tough, steel armor protection. They offer heavy-duty defense against cuts and abrasion, with the added benefit of kink resistance and the ability to mold hose assembly routing for applications requiring tight bends.

Heavy-Duty Poly Hose Guard

A heavy-duty hose guard can be easily placed around a single or bundle of hydraulic and pneumatic hose. It protects against abrasion and also provides crush resistance, reducing or eliminating costly premature hose failures.

Abrasion Sleeve MSHA Accepted

ISO 6945 Abrasion sleeve is used to help safeguard hose covers from abrasions and cuts. The sleeve is also useful for bundling two or more hose assemblies together, adding to its protective qualities. It is available in .045" thin-wall and .090" thick-wall sleeving.


Firesleeve is a flameresistant sheathing constructed of tightly woven fiberglass, which is coated with a specially compounded, highly temperature-resistant silicone rubber. Firesleeve offers protection in high temperature environments with heat extremes. It is not compatible with hydrocarbons.