Right Angle Planetary Gearbox with Output Flange

Our right angle planetary gearbox with output flange is characterized by a compact flange interface. The right-angled design gives you maximum design freedom to position the drive system, in order to save the maximum amount of space.

The output side geometry is based on the most common industrial robots. The dimensions specified in EN ISO 9409-1 offer the advantage that other drive components that comply with the standard, such as turntables, linear units or couplings, can be connected quickly and easily.

This means that the mechanical connection of the planetary gearbox with output flange to your machine is quick and easy. The connection between the planetary gearbox and the machine is additionally secured by a dowel hole in the output flange.

The compact design of the flange output shaft not only saves space but also gives it very high torsional stiffness. This positive gearbox characteristic has proven itself when driving turntables or other components that require high precision and fast cyclic operation — even with changing directions of motion.

The input flange of the right angle planetary gearbox is individually adapted to the motor. The compact unit of right angle gearbox and servomotor increases your flexibility.

For more design flexibility, the right angle planetary gearboxes with output flange come with lifetime lubrication and their design allows them to be installed and used in any mounting position. This gives you complete freedom in the positioning of your drive and the design of the installation space.