Planetary Gearboxes with Output Flange

Our planetary gearboxes with output flange are characterized by a compact flange interface. The geometry on the output side of the flange gearbox is based on the most common industrial robots.

The dimensions specified in EN ISO 9409-1 offer the advantage that other drive components that also comply with the standard, such as flanged pinions or couplings, can be connected quickly and easily without requiring major adjustments. The mechanical connection of this flange gearbox to your machine is executed quickly and simply, and is additionally secured by a dowel hole in the output flange.

The function and structure of Neugart flange gearboxes are comparable to the planetary gearboxes with output shaft, but in a much more compact form. This is because they have very short flanged shaft geometry, unlike a cylindrical output shaft.

Another advantage of the flange output shaft is its large diameter, which allows for a higher achievable torsional stiffness. These gearboxes are particularly suitable in applications with changing directions of motion. In conjunction with a pulley, you can use our flange gearboxes with many different types of belt for the drive system.

Thanks to the versatility of our planetary gearboxes, we can also offer you a range of solutions tailored to your performance requirements. These include the coaxial precision planetary gearbox with output flange, which features straight teeth – with the PLFN – or the lower-noise helical teeth – with the PSFN.

Our versatility gives you the opportunity to adapt the gearbox characteristics to suit your requirements, depending on the area of use.

For systems with medium backlash requirements, we also have a solution in the shape of the PLFE, which comes in multiple frame sizes and ratios.

The input flange of the planetary gearbox is individually adapted to the motor. The compact unit and servomotor increases your flexibility.

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