Hygienic Design Planetary Gearbox

The stainless steel HLAE gearbox was specifically developed and constructed for use in hygiene and food applications. As the world's first hygienic design planetary gearbox, it fulfills a need amid the stringent requirements for production in sensitive industry sectors.

Current standards and guidelines were consistently applied to the HLAE gearbox from the beginning. As a member of EHEDG, Neugart began to address these requirements early on and supports hygienic design with the help of experts and specialists.

Thanks to its electropolished surfaces, the materials used and the consistent avoidance of plane areas on the gearbox, the HLAE complies with the rigorous requirements of hygienic design.

The HLAE planetary gearbox from Neugart is therefore an essential component in the safe and clean manufacturing of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical products.

Why is hygienic design necessary?

Many industry sectors have extremely strict hygiene requirements. These also apply to the manufacturers of machines, systems and components. The manufacturers of food, chemical and pharmaceutical products are especially aware of these requirements. For these companies, contamination in production would be the worst-case scenario, which is why hygiene standards have been raised even higher in these areas.

What is hygienic design?

Hygienic design is an umbrella term for a type of design that maximizes hygiene and ease of cleaning for machines, systems and components used in the relevant areas, i.e. in the production of food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals or biotechnology products.

Additionally, hygienic design guidelines describe various principles for the avoidance or elimination of hygiene-related hazards through design.

What guidelines and regulations are there?

Hygienic design planetary gearboxes from Neugart are manufactured in line with the following guidelines, among others:

  • Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC (Annex l, item 2.1): Foodstuffs machinery and machinery for cosmetics or pharmaceutical products
  • DIN EN 1672-2-2005: Food Processing Machinery - Basic Concepts, Part 2: Hygiene Requirements
  • EHEDG Document 8: Hygienic Equipment Design Criteria
  • 3-A Replacement Parts and System Component Qualification Certificate (RPSCQC)
  • 3-A RPSCQC for (17-12) Formers, Fillers, and Sealers of Containers for Fluid Products
  • 3-A RPSCQC for (23-06) Equipment for Packaging Viscous Products
  • 3-A RPSCQC for (41-03) Mechanical Conveyors for Dry Products
  • 3-A RPSCQC for (73-01) Shear Mixers, Mixers, and Agitators
  • 3-A RPSCQC for (75-01) Belt-Type Feeders

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