Right Angle Planetary Gearboxes with Output Shaft

A right angle planetary gearbox with output shaft combines the advantages of a compact right angle gearbox and those of a conventional planetary gearbox.

With its versatile mounting options, our right angle gearboxes provide intelligent drive solutions with a compact machine concept. The output shaft gives right angle planetary gearboxes the advantage of a proven and reliable component for the right angle transmission of torque and speed.

You can choose between a positive-fit connection using an output shaft with feather key for additional security and a smooth output shaft for force-fit transmission.

Our right angle planetary gearbox with output shaft can be easily combined with numerous drive elements such as a pulley, coupling or linear axle.

The input flange of the planetary gearboxes with output shaft is individually adapted to your motor. The compact unit of planetary gearbox with output shaft and servomotor increases your flexibility. You can choose the right angle planetary gearbox that best matches your application from the various performance classes in our product range.

Low-backlash right angle planetary gearboxes offer high positioning accuracy, particularly while in reverse mode.

Right angle planetary gearboxes can be integrated into your application with a wide range of connection variants, using a through hole or a threaded hole. For greater design flexibility, they come with lifetime lubrication and their design allows them to be installed and used in any mounting position. This gives you complete freedom in the positioning of your drive and the design of the installation space.