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Right Angle Gearbox with Hollow Shaft

Our hollow shaft gearbox allows you to directly power a machine shaft via a clamping set. We use tried-and-tested high-precision spiral gearing, which facilitates the right-angled transmission of torque and speed.

The machine shaft is inserted directly into the gearbox’s hollow shaft and connected with a mounting set. This is a very easy way to achieve a force-fit connection – without additional aids such as an intermediate flange or coupling. This Neugart gearbox can be screwed directly onto the machine by using the through holes in the output flange.

Alternatively, you can choose the right angle gearbox as a two-sided hollow shaft. This allows you to route lines already leading out of the machine shaft through the gearbox. In this way you can increase your flexibility and utilize the versatility of the servo gearboxes with hollow shaft offered by the machine design. You can achieve even higher ratios with a combination of the planetary gearbox and the right-angle gearbox with hollow shaft.

Due to its right-angled design, it also enables you to optimize your use of a limited installation space with a space-saving drive component. For even more flexibility, they come with lifetime lubrication and their design allows them to be installed and used in any mounting position. This gives you complete freedom in the positioning of your drive and the design of the installation space.

The input flange is individually adapted to the motor. The compact unit and servomotor increases your flexibility.

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