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Inclination Sensors

Inclination Sensors

Precise deviation measurement for numerous industries


Many applications require precise position control as well as continuous tracking and monitoring of rotary movement. Inclination sensors from Balluff measure the deviation from horizontal or vertical axes up to 360°. The sensors are available with two different measuring principles, making them ideal for numerous industries and applications.

The most important benefits

  •  Contactless and absolute
  • Capacitive measuring principles
  • Direct inclination measurement without costly special fabrications
  • Interfaces: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V and Modbus
  • Appropriate for use in harsh conditions with high protection class IP67
  • Measuring range up to 360°
  • Simple mounting and integration in your facility
  • For use in many industries: factory automation, energy, hydraulics, packaging, plastics, rubber, tires, life sciences

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