Sensors - Balluff

Balluff Sensor Technology

In the field of sensor technology, Balluff handles the entire range of technology with its various operating principles. Balluff offers high-value sensors for any application or requirement: from linear measurement to object detection to level, temperature and pressure monitoring. For everyday industrial uses as well for tough applications in critical environments.

Photoelectric Sensors

Photoelectric sensors from Balluff reliably recognize the presence of objects. They check shape, color, distance or thickness equally reliably. This is because they have a significantly greater detection range compared to inductive or capacitive technology. In the area of photoelectric sensors we offer a huge product variety. Sensors using all light types from red light to infrared to laser technology. Sensors with the most different ranges, with and without background suppression, as well as many different form factors. For specialty applications, mini-sensors, color sensors, light band and contrast sensors round out our portfolio. With Balluff you achieve not only the highest reliability, but also the greatest flexibility.


  • All light types, all principles
  • Different ranges from near to far
  • Tailored to the requirements of automation, mounting and handling
  • Robust and reliable even under adverse environmental conditions
  • Flexibility for planning and installation through well-conceived technical data

Magnetic Field Sensors

Our magnetic field sensors are used chiefly on cylinders and grippers for monitoring the piston position. The sensor thus recognizes the field of the magnet integrated into the piston through the actuator wall even at high travel speeds. With their non-contact position detection the magnetic field sensors from Balluff work absolutely reliably and wear-free: no contact burn, no bouncing, just clean switching points.


  • Contact-free and therefore wear-free
  • No double switching points
  • Reliable even at high travel speeds

Inductuve Sensors

Automation is almost inconceivable without inductive sensors. Wherever processes are automated, non-contact position detection of metallic objects, freedom from wear, and reliability are in demand. Whether in machine building, electronics production, in the automobile, foods or plastics industry. At Balluff you are offered a wide range of inductive sensors in various form factors for virtually any application: from standard sensors to sensors with extended switching distance, hygiene-approved, high-pressure and Ex sensors, Factor 1 or all-metal sensors. They are also available with additional ceramic or PTFE coating, for example to prevent weld splatter from adhering. You will also find all-metal with Factor 1 in our range. Balluff inductive sensors are used to monitor, control and automate your processes and conditions. With the highest level of quality – even in extreme environments.


  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Contact-free and therefore wear-free
  • Resistant to dirt
  • Short-circuit protected
  • In configurations from 3 mm Ø to 80 × 80 mm square dimensions

Magnetostrictive Sensors

Magnetostrictive sensors come into use wherever high reliability and precision is demanded in position and speed measurement. Also over long stroke lengths. Our contact-free and absolute measuring systems are suitable for all industry-standard interfaces for a wide range of applications. Even under extreme surrounding conditions, they guarantee a high machine and system availability.


  • Precise, absolute measurement without a reference run
  • Contact-free, so wear- and maintenance-free
  • Resistant to shock, vibration and contamination
  • Hermetically sealed housing
  • Highly dynamic control applications through synchronized measurement data
  • High durability and long service life
  • Flexible installation and handling

Mechanical Cam Switches

The cam switches from Balluff are used on machine tools, presses, in flexible manufacturing centers, robots, assembly and conveying devices, and in machine and equipment construction. They serve as command transmitters for automatic controls, for positioning and for end-of-travel switching. The design principle of the devices, their variety of possible switching actions, as well as consistent quality inspection, guarantee consistently high quality and reliability. At Balluff you can choose from nine different series and five plunger types each: Chisel, ball, roller, roller bearing and chisel with wiper plate. A large number of connection varieties is also available.


  • Reliable and rugged, even in harsh environments
  • Flawless functionality in the event of vibrations, shock loads, temperature swings, aggressive cooling lubricants and heavy chip accumulation
  • Maintenance-free, self-lubricating ram guide with plain bearing bush
  • High-quality Viton seals nn Protection class IP67
  • Also available with inductive switching points

Magnetic Encoders

Balluff's magnetic encoders were developed for precise positioning and speed detection in very dynamic applications. The highly-precise, fastresponse encoders are optionally equipped with magnetic linear or rotational measuring elements. They are appropriate for linear as well as rotational applications, and incremental or absolute position detection. Their rugged design makes them ideal in extreme ambient conditions. They also ensure increased uptime of your machines and equipment.


  • Contact-free and therefore wear-free
  • Incremental or absolute interfaces
  • High resolution to 1 µm
  • Measurement lengths to 48 m
  • Flexible installation and handling
  • Long operational life, since very rugged

Pressure Sensors

Our high-end pressure transmitters are optimally suited for pressure monitoring and pressure measurement of gaseous, fluid and viscous media. With their rotatable housing and the simple, VDMA-compliant programming, they can be flexibly mounted as well as conveniently serviced. The bright LED display always gives you an overview of the current system pressure.


  • Compact and rugged as a transmitter
  • Convenient to operate, with a very legible display
  • Pressure range –1…600 bar
  • Process connection G½", G½", R¼", NPT¼"
  • Flush with the front surface in G½" and Tri-Clamp 1½" nn Output 4…20 mA, 0...10 V, switching points (NPN/PNP) and IO-Link nn Fluid temperature –40…+125 °C
  • Enclosure rating IP67 nn UL approval
  • Compact with M12 connection nn Stainless steel or PVDF process connection
  • Dual rotation – easily installed nn Pressure values directly via IO-Link

Inclination Sensors

Many applications require precise position control as well as continuous guiding and monitoring of rotary movements. Inclination sensors from Balluff measure the deviation from horizontal or vertical axes up to 360°. The sensors are available with two different measuring principles, making them ideal for numerous industries and applications.


  • Contactless and absolute
  • Capacitive measuring principle and MEMS
  • Direct inclination measurement without costly special constructions
  • Interfaces: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V and Modbus
  • Appropriate for use in harsh conditions with high protection class IP67
  • Measuring range up to 360°
  • Simple mounting and integration in your facility
  • For use in many industries: factory automation, energy, hydraulics, packaging, plastics, rubber, tires, life sciences

Capacitive Sensors

Balluff's capacitive sensors detect fluids, granulates and powders in direct contact or through a non-metallic container wall. As stick-on sensors, they fit flexibly to the housing shape and are easily removable. Moisture, foam and deposits of any kind are compensated for, even through glass and plastic walls up to 10 mm thick. This makes them ideal as level detection sensors for conductive media while guaranteeing high application security. Our capacitive sensors are available in various form factors, even especially small ones.


  • Contact-free and therefore wear-free
  • Bounceless output signal
  • Foam and residue compensation

Ultrasonic Sensors

Whether for position detection, distance detection or detection of powdery and fluid media – our ultrasonic sensors are precise all-rounders. They measure fill levels, heights and sag without making contact as well as count and monitor the presence of objects. These universal sensors work regardless of color or surface composition and are unaffected by transparent objects with strong reflection. Fog, dust and impurities are also not a problem for them. Their high resolution and small blind zones guarantee the highest precision. Since they offer a generous detection range, they also work reliably at greater object distances. Ultrasonic sensors from Balluff are available as switching or analog output types. Depending on the output signal you can either reliably detect and count objects or determine distances with high precision. These sensors therefore have versatile uses.


  • Contactless detection
  • Reliable in critical environmental conditions such as fog, dust and impurities
  • Irrespective of color, transparency, reflection properties and surface finish on the object
  • Precise detection of even smaller objects
  • Rectangular and cylindrical heads allow for greater freedom of design
  • Can be used as normally open or normally closed – various output functions