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Automatic identification and tracking in production


Our BIS Industrial RFID systems offer you the key technology for implementing essential features of a modern manufacturing facility. RFID lets you categorize objects unambiguously and trace them at any time. Processes become transparent. RFID is shaping the future because industrial identification contributes to the interplay of all the levels involved in production and clears the path for self-controlling processes. That makes autonomous systems an important component of the Smart Factory and the IIoT.

At Balluff you have access to the entire spectrum of RFID technologies with low (LF), high (HF) and ultra-high (UHF) frequency operation for virtually unlimited application. This gives you an extraordinary bandwidth of components in many different versions which you can utilize with limitless variability. One special feature: with our BIS V multi-frequency processor unit you can combine all our RFID systems flexibly with each other.

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