FN 03/06/10

FN 03/06/10 Flow Controls, One Way Restrictor Type

eaton FN 03/06/10

The FN-03 and EFN-06/10 adjustable one-way restrictors are designed for applications where fluid oil flow regulation without pressure compensation is required. They can be used whenever the working load remains relatively constant.

Flow regulation is for one direction only. When the flow is reversed the valve opens against a spring and flow passes through at near zero pressure. These valves therefore cannot be used as isolating valves.

Basic Characteristics

Type: Restrictor valve

Mounting: Thread or flange

Maximum pressureUp to 210 bar (3000 psi)

Maximum flowUp to 190 L/min (50 USgpm)

Method of Adjustment: Manual

Mass kg (lb) FN-03-20:  0,6 (1.3)

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Model Code: FN-03-20

P/N# 253361 FN Flow Control Valve
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