DGMFN-H8 SystemStak™ Pilot Operated Check Valves

eaton DGMFN-H8

DGMFN valves have double throttle/check valves in a sandwich plate design. They are used to limit main flow at one or two actuator ports. Two symmetrically arranged throttle/check valves limit flow (by means of adjustable throttle spools) in one direction and permit free return flow in the other direction.

Main flow limiting  The double throttle/check valve is fitted between the directional valve and the subplate to change the speed of an actuator (main flow limiting)


  • Industry standard mounting, ISO 4401-8, NFPNA-T-3 .5.1-M-R-I, ANSI B 93.7 D08
  • Sandwich plate design
  • Limiting of main flow of two actuator ports
  • Meter-in or meter-out contro

Technical Data

Maximum Flow (L/min):  350

Maximum Working Pressure (bar):  315

Fluid:  Mineral oils or phosphate ester

Fluid Temperature Range (0 C):  -20 to + 80

Fluid Viscosity Range (mm2/S):  2.8 to 500

Fluid Cleanliness Level (ISO):  19/17/14

Weight (Kg):  8

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Model Code: DGMFN-H8-X-A2W-B2W-10

P/N# 02-413087 DGMFN Flow Control Valve
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Model Code: DGMFN-H8-Y-A2W-B2W-10

P/N# 02-413088 DGMFN Flow Control Valve
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Model Code: F3-DGMFN-H8-X-A2W-B2W-10

P/N# 02-413089 DGMFN Flow Control Valve
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