CMZ200 Advanced sectional mobile valves

eaton CMZ200

The work section is comprised of two independent spools that act as a pair working to control double acting services, or alternatively as single spools controlling a single acting service (2 single axis services can be controlled from any work section).

Demands to each work section are transmitted over a CAN Bus and power is provided to each work section via a single daisy chain cable arrangement. Each work section has a single pilot valve comprised of on-board electronics, embedded sensors, and * two independent 3 position 4 way pilot spools driven by a low power embedded micro controller.

The independent pilot spools control the mainstage spools. Closed loop control of each work section is done locally by leveraging the on-board electronics and sensors.

Each mainstage spool has its own position sensor enabling closed loop position control of the mainstage spool.

Further, a pressure sensor is located in each work port, pressure line, load sense line and tank line.

With the up and downstream pressure information known at any time, flow delivered to the service can be controlled by moving the spools to create the appropriate orifice area for the desired flow rate.

Features and benefits

  • Precise control maintained for all load conditions
  • Reduction in metering losses / energy management
  • High valve responsiveness
  • Flow sharing – pre and post compensation capabilities
  • Flexibility in configuration with easily changed parameters
  • Command factory-calibrated flow or pressure from either work port
  • Easier communication with the valve
  • Reduced load on the Vehicle CAN bus
  • Advanced diagnostics for improved reliability and productivity
  • Hose Burst Detection
  • Limp mode
  • Diagnostics on the inlet, tank, load sense, work port pressures, spool position, consumed flow, and oil temperature.
  • Platform can support future software development for future product development.
  • Reliable performance across a broad temperature range

Typical applications

  • Concrete boom trucks
  • Utility trucks
  • Forwarders
  • Agriculture tractors
  • Drill rigs
  • Snow groomers