Section (CMA)

Eaton CMT090 Advanced sectional mobile valves

CMT sections use integrated pressure and position sensors for precise flow control. Where conventional mobile valves can only control 1 work function per section, a single CMT section can control 2 work functions independently. Two independent 3 position 4-way spools control two double acting services. This means each spool can control a double acting cylinder or motor.

Eaton CMZ090 and CMZ200 Advanced sectional mobile valves

CMZ sections use integrated pressure and position sensors for independent metering control allowing greater flexibility to control both pressure and flow on both sides of a cylinder. Where conventional mobile valves often compromise on precision or response, the CMZ sections deliver both by using on board sensing of meter-in and meter-out work ports. Coupling the system sensing with on board electronics and advanced software control algorithms, the CMZ sections are compensated for external factors such as pressure, temperature and flow. The CMZ offers sub-micron hysteresis through closed loop control over the spool position for repeatable performance.