CMZ090 Advanced sectional mobile valves

eaton CMZ090

The CMZ90 is an advanced CAN-Enabled electro-hydraulic sectional mobile valve with independent metering that utilizes pressure and position sensors, on board electronics, and advanced software control algorithms. Where conventional mobile valves often compromise on precision or response, the CMA delivers both. The CMZ offers high performance with sub micron hysteresis, closed loop control over the spool position, and repeatable performance.

CMZ offers customers the next generation in advanced mobile valves with unlimited possibilities to differentiate your machine capabilities.

Features and Benefits:

  • Precise control maintained for all load conditions
  • Reduction in metering losses / energy management
  • High valve responsiveness
  • Flow Sharing – Pre and Post Comp Capabilities
  • Flexibility in configuration / easily change parameters
  • Command factory-calibrated flow or pressure from either work port
  • Easier communication with the valve
  • Reduced load on the Vehicle CAN bus
  • Platform can support future software development for future product development.
  • Reliable performance across a broad temperature range