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UHF data carriers (860 to 960 MHz)


-All data carriers have a unique, unalterable identification number (TID) and an individually programmable EPC (Electronic Product Code)

-Global standards ISO 18000-6C or EPC Gen2 Class1

-Freely writable user memory range up to 112 bytes

-Installation: Glue-on, potted-in, or screws

-Variants for direct mounting on metal

-Very cost-beneficial self-adhesive Smart Labels available for one-time applications (for remaining on the product)

-Mass applications via low-cost tags also realizable

-Special silicone-free data carriers for the automobile industry

-Special tags, temperature-resistant up to 220°C

-Custom-tailored versions possible

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BIS U-100-01/CA

UHF data carriers (860...960 MHz)

$8.51 $7.23

BIS U-100-02/CA

UHF data carriers (860...960 MHz)

$8.51 $7.23

BIS U-101-04/CA

UHF data carriers (860...960 MHz)

$24.52 $20.84

BIS U-102-05/CA

UHF data carriers (860...960 MHz)

$27.30 $23.20

BIS U-102-05/CA-HT

UHF data carriers (860...960 MHz)

$129.76 $110.30

BIS U-142-07/CA-M8-GY

UHF data carriers (860...960 MHz)

$39.93 $33.94