BIS U Ultra High Frequency Industrial RFID system (860 to 960 MHz)


Continuous transmission security and data transparency


The BIS U UHF systems from Balluff ensure data transparency and traceability of your automation processes. UHF is a standard technology for identification solutions covering all processes. They help to achieve fast detection of tag information and continuous transmission security. By querying decentrally stored product- and process-data, UHF is a central component of traceability applications. Our UHF BIS U systems thereby provide permanent data transparency in your entire delivery chain.

The most important benefits

  • Problem-free integration in applications via globally usedstandard interfaces
  • Corresponds to the global standard ISO 18000-6C and EPC Gen2 Class1
  • Flexible use due to a wide range of different combinations of data carriers and antennas
  • Ranges up to 6 m and more
  • Bulk capture for simultaneous scanning of many data carriers (tags)
  • Suitable for attachment to traditional control systems via bus interfaces and to higher level IT systems
  • Complete tailored system solutions possible
  • Many accessories for integration into a variety of applications

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