2X Series

2200 Series Conveyors

Low Profile, High Performance, Fabric & Modular Belt Conveyors

High Speed Nose Bar Transfers

• 16 mm (5/8 in) Nose Bar safely transfers small parts at speeds up to 61 m/min (200 ft/min) and features V-Guided Belting for accurate belt tracking

high speed nose bar

Sleek Frame Designs

• Sturdy single piece frame construction with a universal T-Slot allows for fast and simple attachment of accessories and guiding with a variety of industry available hardware

sleek frame


• The industry’s most compact drive saves space and reduces integration time


V-Guided Belt Tracking

• The industries first low profile V-Guided conveyor, eliminates startup belt tracking and keeps the belt running straight

v guide tracking belt

Precision Move

• Provides accurate alignment of both time and distance to move products efficiently in assembly automation applications

precision move


• Sleek, low profile Z-Frame Conveyors are ideal for product elevation changes and can easily fit under machinery

lpz conveyors