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2200 Series Belted Conveyors

2200 Series Belted Conveyors


2200 Series low profile, high performance fabric and modular belt conveyors feature a high speed nose bar transfer option, a durable single piece frame design, universal T-slots, and a wide range of belting and guiding options.

Product Improvements

  • Stronger, improved frame design
  • New frame widths with single piece frame for widths 12″ and under
  • Improved bedplate durability with hard anodized frame coating
  • Universal T-slots fit industry standard hardware
  • Updated drive and idler tails for easier belt install and shaft position change
  • New 5/8″ high speed nosebar with speeds up to 200 fpm
  • Adjustable guiding with new modern design and improved clamp method
  • New guide accessories
  • New belt options

General Specifications

  • Flat Belt End Drive, Cleated Belt End Drive, Center Drive, iDrive and Gravity Roller models
  • 1.75″ (44 mm) – 24″ (610 mm) widths
  • 1.5′ (457 mm) – 24′ (7,315 mm) lengths
  • Loads up to 120 lbs (54 kg)
  • Speeds up to 400 ft/min (122 m/min)
  • Optional common drive
  • CE Models Available

Small Belt Conveyor Applications:

  • Small Part Transfers
  • Part Accumulation
  • Precision Part Movement
  • Small Part Handling and Positioning
  • Part/Package Infeed and Outfeed
  • Automated and Manual Assembly

Engineering Manual

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