Flexmove Conveyors

High Performance, Aluminum, Flexible Chain Conveyors

Industry Best Product Transfers

• Powered transfers allow for smooth end transfers for products as small as 76 mm (3 in) in diameter. They are slave driven off of the conveyor and can be attached to the infeed or exit.

flexmove - industry best product transfers

Weighted Take-up Module

• The unique, compact weighted take up is designed to prevent catenary sag and eliminate potential pinch points for safety.

Weighted Take-up Module

Top Running Loop Drive Design

• The continuous loop features a patented top running drive design for added strength, fl exibility, and load capabilities.

top running loop drive design

Helical Curve & Spiral Chain

• Patented side roller chain reduces corner friction allowing for multiple turns while maintaining loads and speeds.

helical curve and spiral chain

Twist Conveyors

• Easily rotate packages 90 degrees without product change-over with the fl exibility of Twist Conveyors.

twist conveyors

Benefits of Dorner FlexMove® Series Conveyor

Reduces Costs

• Available pre-assembled to your exact specifications; saving labor costs

• FlexMove Solutions eliminates unnecessary cutting, inventory and waste

• Industry leading product transfers eliminate costly product jams, bottlenecks, and damage

Saves Time

• Dorner’s online confi gurator engineers simple or complex conveyors to meet your needs in minutes

• The industry leading tool delivers a complete 3D CAD assembly model for instant validation of fit

Delivers Fast

• Dorner sets the industry standard for delivery

• FlexMove is shattering the norm with conveyors available to ship in as little as 5 working days