Bulk Cables

Balluff offers you bulk cables with the proven quality of our assembled cables. The bulk cables product range includes different materials with different cross-sections. Therefore, you can find the correct line for your application and in any case a robust and industrial grade solution. You also profit with each of our cables from great installation flexibility, since the cable length can be adapted as needed.

The most important benefits

  • Proven quality of our assembled cables
  • Various materials and cross-sections available
  • Robust and industrial grade
  • Line length freely adaptable 
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BCC 0000-0000-00-000-PS0825-10X

Bulk Cable

$569.55 $484.12

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-PS54N2-10X

Bulk Cable

$693.49 $589.47

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-PS72N1-10X

Bulk Cable

$733.87 $623.79

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-PX0334-10X

Bulk Cable

$226.39 $192.43

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-PX0434-10X

Bulk Cable

$264.12 $224.50

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-PX04A5-10X

Bulk Cable

$1,320.58 $1,122.49

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-PX0534-10X

Bulk Cable

$339.59 $288.65

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-PX05A5-10X

Bulk Cable

$1,697.89 $1,443.21

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-PX4434-10X

Bulk Cable

$348.58 $296.29

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-VS24N7-10X

Bulk Cable

$1,463.79 $1,244.22

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-VX8334-10X

Bulk Cable

$132.96 $113.02

BCC 0000-0000-00-000-VX8434-10X

Bulk Cable

$155.11 $131.84