Eaton Swivel Joints

FS65 Balanced-Pressure Series Swivel Joints

FS65 Series Swivel Joints feature compact forged casings. Their balanced-pressure design distributes pressure evenly through the body of the joints, eliminating axial loading of the sleeve. This allows the swivel joints to rotate with very low torque—even up to their fully rated operating pressure.

The FS65 is available in sizes 1/4 - inch to 1 - inch. The swivel joints have pressure capabilities up to 5,000 PSI for the 1/4-inch and 3/8- inch sizes; 3,500 PSI for the 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, and 3/4-inch sizes; and 3,000 PSI for the 1-inch size.

FS5900 Series Swivel Joints

The FS5900 Series Swivel Joint is designed for 25 in./Hg vacuum to 5000 psi operating pressure service made possible by advanced design needle bearings and seals. In addition to high pressures, the FS5900 series provides full fluid flow with minimal pressure drop.

The excellent corrosion resistance of the FS5900 series is made possible by the plated steel components.

Both field and laboratory testing have proven the FS5900 Series Swivel Joints can withstand greater side loads than conventional swivel joints. High pressure impulse life has also been improved.