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    Automation Technology

    Automation Technology

    In the Automation technology section, you will find switching appliances for mechanical position detection in various fields of application as well as (safety) sensors with different operating principles; this section also includes a comprehensive programme of command and signalling devices.

    Command and Signalling Devices

    Command and signalling devices are of great importance for the man-machine interface in the field of industrial applications. They are used, for instance, in control cabinets, control panels, two-hand control panels, in elevator construction or on conveyor and material handling plants. The manual actuation of the devices starts or stops operating sequ... ences and functional processes

    Design and mode of operation:
    Command devices are available in the form of pushbuttons, joystick switches or key-operated switches. The actuators are connected to the switching element through a bayonet socket.

    Inductive Proximity Switch

    Position Switch

    Magnetic Reed Switch

    Pull-wire Switches

    Rotating Spindle Limit Switch

    Slack-wire Switch

    Belt Alignment Switch

    Gear Switches

    Micro Switches