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    SiCV - Screw-In Cartridge Valves

    SiCV - Screw-In Cartridge Valves

    Screw-in cartridge valves

    Complete valve systems for many applications

    Use Eaton screw-in cartridge valves for applications such as agricultural equipment, aerial work platforms, lift trucks, road pavers, road rollers and concrete pavers, small construction vehicles and mining equipment.

    Features and benefits

    Eaton’s screw-in cartridge valves provide many advantages over traditional hydraulic valves. While offering the same control functions as traditional hydraulic valves, screw-in cartridge valves are compact, reliable, and economical. The concept of combining multiple cartridge valves in a common manifold offers both the mobile and industrial user substantial cost-saving advantages that cannot be achieved with traditional valving.

    Here are some of the advantages of Eaton cartridge valves:

    • Response times and efficiency gains, by eliminating many of the hoses, tubes and fittings necessary in traditional installations
    • Fewer potential leakage points than with conventional valves ensuring cleaner, safer application environments
    • Compact and neat assemblies for economy of space and weight
    • Increased ability to withstand vibration, giving optimum machine reliability and performance
    • Multiple mounting configurations offers maximum design flexibility
    • Greater contamination tolerance
    • Faster cycle times
    • Lower noise levels
    • Faster on-sight servicing and troubleshooting
    • Resistance to fluid contamination
    • Hardened ground steel operating parts