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    ISO 6284 6/8 (Pressure Control) Proportional Valves

    ISO 6284 6/8 (Pressure Control) Proportional Valves

    KBX(C)G-6/8, 1* Series

    General Description

    These two-stage pressure reducing valves incorporate an electro-hydraulic proportional pressure pilot stage by which the reduced pressure setting is adjustable in response to an electrical input. Each model is available in two sizes, with optional free reverse flow check valve.

    Basic Characteristics

    • Max. inlet pressure.................350 bar (5000 psi)
    • Max. reduced pressure..........330 bar (4750 psi)
    • Max. flow rate............300 L/min (80 USgpm)
    • Mounting face to ISO 5781:
      • For KBCG-6...............AG-06-2-A
      • For KBCG-8...............AH-08-2-A

    Design Features

    A maximum outlet pressure to suit the application requirements is preset by the manual adjustment. Below this maximum setting, the outlet pressure is controlled by the solenoid operated proportional pilot valve, according to the electrical command signal applied to the amplifier.

    The “normally open” condition of the mainstage allows full flow from inlet to outlet port until the required reduced pressure is reached, whereupon the mainstage closes, or reduces the flow sufficient only to maintain the required outlet pressure. High valve response ensures that the reduced outlet pressure is unaffected by inlet pressure peaks. Excess buildup of outlet pressure (during long holding periods, or flow back from an actuator reacting to an overload) is prevented by the small check valve in the mainstage spool, allowing fluid to bleed-off across the pilot stage.

    The integral amplifier allows the pressure to be controlled from a voltage or current signal range.

    The amplifier is mounted in a robust metal housing and electrical connections are via an industry standard 7-pin plug. Factory-set adjustments ensure high reproducibility valve -tovalve.

    Features and Benefits

    • Remote electrical proportional control of reduced pressure from a choice of five pressure ranges per valve size.
    • Excellent repeatability and stable performance results from cartridge design of mainstage elements.
    • Low installed cost and space requirement from high power/size ratios (more than double that of many conventional designs).
    • On-board ramp adjustment.
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