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    Heavy Duty Tie Rod

    Heavy Duty Tie Rod

    Heavy-duty tie-rod NFPA cylinders - N series

    Improve the performance and safety of your hydraulic systems with our complete line of tie-rod heavy-duty NFPA cylinders. These N series cylinders are engineered to withstand extreme environmental conditions and constant use, for maximum reliability and long life.

    Innovative safety features
    Durable and reliable
    Comprehensive size options

    Dependable performance

    A unitized rod cartridge, as well as the captive and tapered cushion valve, ensures smoother and safer operation as well as less downtime. 

    Engineered with safety in mind

    Our captive cushion screws prevent accidental removal, while still allowing for a full range of adjustment. Threaded body flanges provide 22% better yield strength than welded material for improved shear safety.

    Made to last

    An extra wide, top-strength wear band rides smoothly within the precision-honed cylinder to extend the life of the piston seal. The rod cartridge assembly is unitized and threadless for maximum bearing support and wear resistance.

    Available in the size you need

    Our bore sizes range from 1 in (25.4 mm) to 8 in (203 mm), with strokes up to 300 in (8 m). Choose from a wide range of mounting and port styles to meet your precise application requirements. Can’t find what you need? Let us customize a solution for you.