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Rotary Unions

Rotary Unions are self-contained and self-supporting rotary seals used to transfer different media such as steam, water, air or oil from a stationary source to and from rotating machinery.

The vital components of a Rotary Union are the seals. Filton's unique Bellows Seal is the most efficient type of seal for the majority of applications.  If pressure and/or speed exceed the capability of the bellows seal we use a Filton mechanical seal.

Standard units are made of carbon steel, brass and cast construction with specials available in stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and nickel alloys for chemically aggressive fluids or food quality applications.

Swivel Joints

A swivel joint is primarily for use on oscillating shafts, but is also suitable for transferring fluids to and from slowly rotating shafts.

Our standard range varies from simple knuckle joints to models containing double row ball bearings for heavier duty.

Typically these are single or double passage, if you require a multiple port solution please contact customer service.

Air Breather Filters

Air breather filters allow for the flow of clean air to and from a closed chamber where balanced atmospheric pressure is required, such as in gear boxes, bearings operating at high speed and hydraulic power packs.

Filton air breather filters ensure that there is no dangerous build up of pressure or vacuum due to temperature or volume changes. The high quality sintered element prevents the ingress of air borne foreign particles.

The element requires very little maintenance and never needs replacing. It is easily cleaned with reverse flow.

Flexible Hoses

Filton recommend that their Rotary Unions are connected by flexible hoses. Hoses to carry air, water, gas, steam, hot oil services and low pressure oil are all available.

Hoses can be supplied in various lengths with a variety of ends if required including fixed male, swivel male, fixed female, fixed flange and swivel flange.