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    Factory Automation

    Factory Automation: Factory Automation Devices


    FA Components

    Timers, Counters, Limit Switches, Eco Power Meters, Hour Meters, Time Switches, Temperature Controllers

    Human Machine Interface

    From simple LED displays to 12.1” 32,768 color touch screens, Panasonic has your HMI needs covered.

    Interface Terminal

    Panasonic offers slim, space saving, 4-point terminal RT-3 unit relays.


    High-frequency AC ionizers offer extremely fast charge reduction.

    Laser Markers

    Innovative laser marking solutions for all industries and all applications.

    Programmable Controllers

    Here are some of the smallest programmable logic controllers on the market and many more.

    UV-Curing Systems

    UV Curing Systems offer powerful intensity, easy operation, easy installation and energy efficency in a compact size.


    VF-0 series: the economical inverter.


    Photoelectric sensors, Fiber sensors, Mark / Color sensors, Inductive sensors, Safety light curtains and safety devices, Measurement sensors, Pressure & flow sensors.

    Comprehensive Automation Solutions



    Inductive, Photoelectric, Magnetic, Ultrasonic, Angle / Tilt, Pressure, Magnetostrictive Linear, Magnetically Encoded Linear / Rotary


    Automatic identification and tracking in production.

    Machine vision and Optical identification

    Vision-based process control, error-proofing and inspection, as well as optical identification for automation.

    Industrial network technology

    Information exchange across all manufacturing levels ensures optimum performance in the entire process.


    Brackets, reflectors, lights, testers, and protection accessories.


    Passive solutions for automation.

    Power Supplies

    Reliable and efficient power supply.

    Human Machine Interfaces

    With our human Machine interfaces precise detection of the operating states at a glance.


    Automation requires safety. Safety based on reliability. Balluff quality guarantees ultra-reliable solutions.