Pressure Reducing Functions

Pressure Reducing Functions

The basic pressure reducing cartridge features manual adjustment of reduced pressure plus a pilot port for optional remote control. Additional options include electrical selection of high and low pressure, and electrohydraulic proportional control of reduced pressure. Reducing valve arrangements described in this catalog can be built into system manifold assemblies with directional, manually adjustable flow restrictor and pressure relief functions in cartridge form. The reducing function is available in sizes 16, 25, 32 and 40.


Maximum operating Pressure: 350 bar (5000 psi)

Rated flow: (p = 12 bar / 175 psi)

Size 16: 145 L/min (38 USgpm)

Size 25: 350 L/min (92 USgpm)

Size 32: 630 L/min (145 USgpm)

Size 40: 1025 L/min (225 USgpm)

Pressure adjustment ranges:

  • 1,5 to 125 bar (22 to 1800 psi)
  • 3,0 to 250 bar (44 to 3600 psi)
  • 5,0 to 350 bar (72 to 5000 psi)

All ports are rated up to 350 bar (5000 psi), depending on limits for relevant ports in any associated pilot valves or modules. Note that any pressure in port Y is additive to the setting(s) of the integral pilot pressure control(s).