KHDG5V Proportional Two-Stage Directional Valves Servo Performance with Double Spool Feedback


Eaton KHDG proportional valves are suitable for working pressures up to 350 bar (5000 psi) and flow rates to 720 l/min (190 USgpm). They are designed to provide a controlled oil flow in proportion to a command signal, with spool position feedback to provide accurate control. Zero lapped spools are available for closed loop control applications and hydrostats are available for load compensation.

Features and benefits

  • Factory-sealed adjustments increase valve-to valve reproducibility.
  • Valve with integrated amplifier selected, ordered, delivered and installed as one performance tested package.
  • Vibration and shock tested.
  • Standard 24V DC supply with wide tolerance band.
  • Wide range of spool and flow rate options.
  • Standard ┬▒ 10V DC and 4-20mA command signals.
  • Installation wiring reduced and simplified.
  • Standard 7-pin connector.
  • Simple valve removal and replacement for service.
  • Supported by auxiliary function modules.
  • IP65 and IP67 environmental protection rating.
  • Optional valve enable function.
  • Optional pilot pressure reducer.

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Model Code: KHDG5V-8-2C375N-EX-VM-U1-H1-30

P/N# 02-411547 KHDG5V-8 Servo Performance Two-Stage Proportional Valve with Dual Spool Feedback without On-board Electronics
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