KFDG5V7 Series Proportional Directional Valves with Feedback

eaton kfdg5v7

Eaton VickersĀ® KFDG5V7 proportional valves are designed to provide a controlled oil flow in direct proportion to a command signal. They are available in two types; a double solenoid version that will provide reversible flow to an actuator and a single solenoid throttle version that provides a single direction of flow. Hydrostats are available for load compensation and parallel flow path modules are available that will boost the flow capacity of single solenoid throttle versions to nearly twice that of the standard valve.

Features and benefits

  • Wide range of spool and flow rate options.
  • Electronic feedback LVDT ensures accurate spool position control.
  • Vibration and shock tested.
  • Supported by a broad range of amplifiers and auxiliary function modules.
  • Full CE electromagnetic compatibility.

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Model Code: KFDG5V-7-33C130N65-X-VM-U1-H1-12

P/N# 02-323271 KFDG5V-7 High Performance Proportional Valve with Single Spool Feedback without On-board Electronics
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