KBH-07 10 Series Eaton AxisPro™ Servo-Performance Proportional Directional Valve

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AxisPro level 2 KBH valves, can be used to control machine motion in open or closed loop control applications. The valve can receive its analog command input on the 7-pin connector from an external axis control device or, with the available on-board motion control feature activated (via Eaton Pro-FXTM Configure 2.0), can close the external control loop around the actuator on the valve (taking feedback signal from cylinder or motor) – eliminating the separate motion controller. In this case the AxisPro valve receives a position, speed or force command and will create its own valve command needed to comply with the requested machine motion. In addition, digital communications over the CANopen bus is available for machine control or monitoring purposes.

General Description

Built on the proven KBH servo Proportional Valve technology, Eaton’s new AxisPro Proportional Valve provides a range of controls capability in a modular design. These solenoid operated proportional valves offer high dynamic performance which enables them to be used in closed-loop control applications.

Unique benefits from AxisPro

The LED lens is standard on all AxisPro valves and provides a quick easy way to visually determine if AxisPro has detected any system warnings or faults. Detailed health, valve performance and warning/fault data is easily accessible via Eaton’s Pro-FX Configure 2.0 service tool.

All AxisPro valves have the ability to change their command and feedback signal type. With Pro-FX Configure 2.0 you can quickly change a +/-10V valve to a 4-20mA valve. AxisPro also has the ability to activate/deactivate the “enable” pin feature. This flexibility allows for flexibility in inventory levels, as a single SKU can serve multiple needs. Level 2 AxisPro valves have the ability to do Cylinder position, Cylinder Speed, Cylinder pressure and Cylinder force control. You can also enable a secondary control mode. For example Cylinder speed with pressure limit as a secondary mode. In this configuration the AxisPro valve will maintain the commanded cylinder speed, unless the force exceeds a user defined level, at which point the valve will transitions into force control. These control modes can be completely configured via the easy to follow Pro-FX Configure 2.0 service tool, or they can be entirely setup over CANopen by a PLC. Custom user applications can also be hosted on the optional CODESYS white space. CODESYS application are designed and deployed onto the AxisPro valve via Eaton’s ProFx Control tool.

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Model Code: KBH1-07-01-NS-EX-D-11-C- NS-002-10

P/N# 850AN00051B KBH Two-stage Level 1 Axispro Proportional Valve
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Model Code: KBH1-07-01-NS-EX-D-11-E- NS-002-10

P/N# 850AN00033B KBH Two-stage Level 1 Axispro Proportional Valve
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Model Code: KBH1-07-02-NS-EX-D-22-E- NS-001-10

P/N# 850AN00080A KBH Two-stage Level 1 Axispro Proportional Valve
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Model Code: KBH1-07-06-NS-TX-T-11-E

P/N# 850AN00104B KBH Two-stage Level 1 Axispro Proportional Valve
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