Dynamic Functions

Dynamic cartridge valves

Dynamic cartridge valves have been developed for applications which require fast opening and closing times as well as a means of ensuring that the insert/poppet has seated positively.

Inserts are available:

• With seals on the poppet which eliminate internal leakage, ensuring pressure is maintained in pilot port A.

• Without spool seals for fast response with low hysteresis.

Dynamic valves can be built into any system manifold assemblies which require the features offered by this new range, whether for directional or check control function. The inserts are offered with the three springs L, M and H, and the cover comes with or without a stroke limiter. Dynamic range is available in sizes 16 to 63. The inserts have an area ratio of 1:1.05 as seen by the model code CVI-**-ZD105, where Z means dynamic.

Basic Characteristics

Maximum operating pressure ...................... 350 bar (5000 psi)

Features and Benefits

  • Opening and closing independent of A and B port pressure.
  • Positive closing using pilot pressure.
  • High degree of control and repeatability.
  • Smooth and accurate operation can be achieved (not affected by main flow).
  • Fully interchangeable with conventional cartridges.
  • Varied circuit application uses: pilot operated check, prefill valve, decompression valve, flow control valve, etc.
  • Zero internal pilot leakage option: ZD105.
  • Low hysteresis, fast response option: ZDN105.