Disc Style

Air-Cooled Disc Clutches & Brakes

Featuring favorable torque-to-size ratios and low-inertia friction disc assemblies. The DB and FHB brake types are spring-applied, pressure-released multiple disc units. The DC type is a pressure-applied multiple disc unit that can be used as a clutch or brake.

Type DP & H

Frictional force capacities up to:

  • 5,300 lb•in
  • 23.575 N•m

Airflex caliper design features opposed pistons for balanced braking. Their symmetrical split construction accommodates discs of any thickness and permits mounting from either side or at the split line.

Type DP is ideally suited for most stopping and light tensioning applications. An automatic adjustment mechanism compensates for lining wear and maintains constant release clearance and response time.

Model H is suited for stopping high inertia loads on large diameter discs. Its design automatically compensates for disc runout.