Combination Clutch/Brake Packages

The FSPA line features an air-applied clutch and either a drum or disc style brake. The CBC and DCB lines feature an air-actuated disc clutch and a spring applied disc brake.

Type CBC

Clutch capacities to:

  • 1,140,000 lb•in
  • 128.799 N•m

Brake capacities to:

  • 483,000 lb•in
  • 54.570 N•m

The Airflex CBC unit combines an air actuated disc clutch and spring-applied brake into a compact package, which can be readily adapted to new or existing flywheel drives. Designed primarily for high cyclic punch press service, the unit has been applied on a wide variety of high speed, high cyclic applications.

Type DCB

Clutch capacity:

  • 75,000 lb•in
  • 8475 N•m

Brake capacity:

  • 55,000 lb•in
  • 6215 N•m

Airflex DCB combination air-actuated disc clutches and springapplied disc brakes were specifically designed for the can making industry. It is ideally suited for high speed continuously running machinery requiring an extremely fast stop.


Clutch capacity:

  • 142,800 lb•in
  • 16,140 N•m

Brake capacity:

  • 66,300 lb•in
  • 7490 N•m

The Airflex® AMCB AccuStop™ is engineered for small-tomedium tonnage, high speed, high cycle punch presses, AMCB AccuStop™ unit delivers high torque and low inertia in a compact design.