Eaton’s CLS102 Load Sense Sectional Mobile Valve

eaton CLS102

Eaton’s new CLS102 Load Sensing Sectional Mobile Valve is a pre and post compensated mobile valve with a highly versatile design. This modularity is demonstrated through the availability of valve banks with up to 10 sections, a number of spool types and actuation options, mid-inlets, custom inlet manifolds and transition plates. With this flexibility, you can design your valve to meet the requirements of your machine. Add in the ability to install both pre and post compensated sections in the same valve bank; the CLS102 allows you to prioritize work functions to accelerate productivity, improve machine efficiency, and enhance the safety characteristics of the machine. Improve your machine performance with the newest load sensing valve to market, the Eaton CLS102.

Features and benefits

  • Load sense circuit design is a parallel circuit with closed center spools. Available with inlet options to support both fixed and variable displacement pumps
  • Both pre and post comp sections available in same valve assembly
  • Flexible design with up to 10 sections
  • Electro-proportional spool control achieved through a PWM proportional pressure reducing solenoid valve controlling pilot pressure to spool ends to maintain spool position
  • Optional manual, hydraulic and Electro-hydraulic controls with lever overrides
  • Special features available for additional design flexibility: - Sectional load sense relief on pre and post compensated sections - Adjustable spool stroke limiting device - Parallel connection of multiple valve banks - Work port relief with anti cavitation - Available fourth position float