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    Drum Style

    Drum Style

    Constricting clutches and brakes

    With products engineered for everything from the marine industry to heavy-duty industrial machinery and grinding mills, drum-style Eaton Airflex constricting clutches and brakes are available with a variety of torque capacities and other features to meet the requirements of the most demanding jobs.

    Long Life
    Rugged tire-like constricting tube
    Even Wear
    Force applied uniformly at optimum radius
    Many options
    Wide torque capacity range

    Four models excel at starting and stopping heavy-duty equipment in harsh conditions

    • CB – the perfect fit for high-speed cyclic operations, coupling and general power transmission
    • CM – specifically engineered for the marine industry on diesel-driven, reverse-reduction gears
    • VC – handle large inertia loads and sustained slippage on heavy-duty applications
    • HEVC – increases energy capacity and allows for longer slip times in severe clutching and braking applications

    How constricting elements work

    Eaton Airflex constricting drum clutch and brake elements use a rugged, tire-like neoprene and cord tube that expands radially inward when pressurized. The expansion forces a friction surface against a cylindrical drum to create torque.