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    D10/NG32 (Servo Control) Proportional Valves

    D10/NG32 (Servo Control) Proportional Valves

    Proportional Two-Stage Directional Valves Servo Performance with Double Spool Feedback

    KBHDG5V-10 Series

    Pressures to 350 bar (5000 psi)

    General description

    Eaton proportional valves shown in this catalog are suitable for working pressures up to 350 bar (5000 psi) and flow rates to 720 l/min (190 USgpm). They are designed to provide a controlled oil flow in proportion to a command signal, with spool position feedback to provide accurate control. Zero lapped spools are available for closed loop control applications and hydrostats are available for load compensation.


    A range of proportional directional valves with control amplifiers built directly on, and prewired to the valves. Factory-set adjustments of gain, spool deadband compensation, and offset ensure high valve-to-valve reproducibility. The only electrical inputs required are power supply (24V) and a voltage command signal of ±10V . The amplifier is housed in a robust metal enclosure, sealed against ingress of water and other fluids. Electrical connections are via a standard 7-pin plug. A spool position monitor point allows the function of the valve to be electrically monitored . Ramp functions, if required, can be generated externally.

    Features and benefits

    • Factory-sealed adjustments increase valve-to valve reproducibility.
    • Valve with integrated amplifier selected, ordered, delivered and installed as one performance tested package.
    • Electronic feedback LVDT ensures accurate spool position control.
    • Vibration and shock tested.
    • Standard 24V DC supply with wide tolerance band.
    • Wide range of spool and flow rate options.
    • Standard ± 10V DC and 4-20mA command signals.
    • Installation wiring reduced and simplified.
    • Standard 7-pin connector.
    • Simple valve removal and replacement for service.
    • Supported by auxiliary function modules.
    • Full CE electromagnetic compatibility. - 2014/30/EU
    • IP65 and IP67 environmental protection rating.
    • Optional valve enable function.
    • Optional pilot pressure reducer.
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    Picture of KBHDG5V-10-2C700N-E-M1-PE7-H4-12


    Vickers-Industrial Valves
    $9,868.36 $5,427.60
    Picture of KBHDG5V-10-2C700N-X-M4-PE7-H4-12


    Vickers-Industrial Valves
    $10,061.29 $5,533.71
    Picture of KBHDG5V-10-33C700N-M2-PE7-H4-12


    Screw-In Cartridge Valve-Industrial Valves
    $10,488.50 $5,768.68
    Picture of KBHDG5V-10-33C700N-T-M1-PE7-H4-12


    Vickers-Industrial Valves
    $9,867.18 $5,426.95