Single-connector version with two BMF magnetic field sensors

Two magnetic field sensors are often necessary for smaller pneumatic/hydraulic cylinders or grippers in order to detect the position of the piston in the cylinder. Our single-connector version reduces your mounting and wiring efforts for such applications. It allows two sensors to be connected via a single 4-pin connector (M8 or M12), which also requires only one slot when connecting to a distributor box. This enables you to double the number of possible sensors on one distributor box and simultaneously measure up to twice the number of positions on pneumatic grippers and cylinders in a simple manner.

This system will save you time and effort, as well as acquisition and storage costs.


-Tie rod diameter of up to 17 mm

-Reliable switching behavior thanks to precise switchpoints

-Non-contacting and thus free from wear

-Impervious to contamination

-Mounts quickly

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BMF 08M-NS-C-2-KPU-02

Magnetic Field Sensor

$104.84 $89.11

BMF 103K-PS-C-2A-SA95-S75-00,3

Magnetic Field Sensor

$124.71 $106.00

BMF 303K-PS-C-2A-SA95-S4-00,3

Magnetic Field Sensor

$113.14 $96.17

BMF 303K-PS-C-2A-SA95-S75-00,3

Magnetic Field Sensor

$111.10 $94.44

BMF 305K-PS-C-2-SA95-S4-00,3

Magnetic Field Sensor

$106.39 $90.43

BMF 305K-PS-C-2-SA95-S75-00,3

Magnetic Field Sensor

$103.72 $88.16